Price: £35.00

The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies


Published: 2010-06-03

ISBN: 9780723265931

Format: WX

Publisher: Warne


When in 1923 Cicely Mary Barker created the first of the Flower Fairies books, Flower Fairies of the Spring, this unassuming artist could have had little idea of the immense popularity that the Flower Fairies series would enjoy. Now, more than thirty years after her death, Cicely Mary Barker’s originality and skill as an artist continues to charm and delight a world-wide readership.

This gorgeous Complete Book of Flower Fairies comes in a beautiful slipcase with a luxurious linen efffect cover. The slipcase also features embossed lettering and pretty pearlised foil details. With Cicely Mary Barker’s poems and fairy illustrations throughout, this is the perfect gift for fans of fairies and something to treasure for a lifetime.

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